A Reunion With The Munsters slot

Thanks to Incredible Technologies, players get to revisit 1313 Mockingbird Lane and become a part of ‘The Munsters Family Portrait.” The campy 1960s sitcom on television is still part of people’s memories, whether it is the clever one-liners or images from the show that became a cult classic.

The well-known address where The Munsters lived was 1313 Mockingbird Lane and every fan who watched the show remembers that like it was yesterday. The dialogue of the show was hilarious and witty.

Grandpa: “Hmm. What smells so good?”

Herman: “I cut myself shaving.”

Munsters Family

The memorable characters consisted of different kinds of monsters plus ghouls that were looking to just become a part of a suburban middle-class neighborhood. The ‘scary’ individuals who were part of the Munsters family included Grandpa the vampire and his daughter Lily, whose husband was the Frankenstein monster Herman. Plus, there was Eddy who was the son of the couple, and also a werewolf (whom no one questioned the possibility of.) Of course, there was also Marilyn, the lovely niece who was actually normal; as normal as one can be according to the Munsters family.

Among the many amazing things that made up the show were the bits and gags showcased on it. For example, the ability of Herman Munster to cause a tremor by just pounding his fist because of a child-like temper tantrum. Or, Grandpa working in his mad-scientist lab and causing several explosions. The chemistry between Herman and Grandpa Munster is known as one of the best ones, all thanks to the actors who starred together in other series as well. All of the characters, except Marilyn, were fully aware of why people were afraid to cross paths with the Munsters or why they wouldn’t enter their home.

The original series was a production of CBS and only aired for two seasons from 1964 until 1966. It ran alongside The Addams Family, making it the second monster-in-the-suburbs comedy. However after several decades consisting of feature films with the original cast and reruns of the show, the characters portrayed by well-known actors have now become pop icons.

Popular slot makers IGT, launched a couple of Munsters-themed slot machines which were quite loved by the players who were fans of the show. Now, Incredible Technologies wanted to jump on the bandwagon. This video game and slot machine manufacturer is famous for numerous other classic arcade games, such as Golden Tee Golf. They are based in Chicago and recently, they expanded their production by manufacturing casino slot machines. These slot machines ended up gaining loads of popularity with games like “King of Bling” and “Crazy Money.”

Incredible Technologies (IT) acquired the license to develop a brand new game that will be based on The Munsters Slot, while being partnered up with GC2, a game design studio that are known for producing well-known IGT slots like Kitty Glitter and Coyote Moon. The vice president of new media and gaming marketing of Incredible Technologies, Daniel Schrementi, mentioned that IT has a good relationship with the gaming studio, which is located close to Alton, Illinois and both parties are excited to release The Munsters game.

By combining the video game expertise of IT and the exclusive game features developed by GC2, they were able to breathe life into the theme and create a base-game plus bonus feature known as “Slide & Win.”

According to Schrementi, they are famous for developing true, real-time 3D graphics on whatever they do. Combine that powerful video game type of engine with their digital sound plus overall presentation, and you got yourself a world-class entertaining game. Through this technology, IT got to incorporate several of the show’s video clips, which also included bits where all of the main characters were present. During big-win celebrations, winning symbols, and scatter events, these characters would pop up in their real, black-and-white version in the form of video clips from the television show. A fan of the show would instantly be drawn towards the game.

Another thing that attracted numerous players to this game is the theme song of the show. Millions of people are well-aware of how this surf-guitar series theme goes and they can instantly recognize it anywhere. It was one of the major elements that appealed to the players who tested the game during its development period.

The Slide & Win Feature – Munsters Slot

Slide & Win is the new way to have fun while playing a game. The player gets a chance to face a nine-reel game screen consisting of three symbols each. But, a sliding transparent frame covers a 5-reel section of the screen. As the reels spin, this frame slides back and forth. It eventually lands on a 5-by-3 section of the screen, hence the 40 paylines apply in that section when it comes to winning combinations.

On the other hand, when the 5-by-3 frame ends up landing on the left side of the screen, the reels that are populated by numerous wild symbols will get activated, including the ‘Mad Lab Bonus’ trigger. The right side consists of a trigger that launches an interactive picking bonus known as the ‘Free Slide Bonus.’

As the frame swings back and forth, people are cheering the player on, hoping that it lands either on the right side or the left side, since the left side consists of the big wins and the right side consists of the picking bonus and other features. The bonus events are known as the best ones in The Munsters Slot game, whether it is the additional content or the television show clips that come with it.

The Slide & Win mechanics appear in both scenarios, which also include the free-spin event that a player wins through the Mad Lab Bonus. Once a player triggers the bonus, they are taken into Grandpa’s dungeon laboratory, where the player has to pick a character from the show. The symbol that shows that character turns wild throughout ten free spins. This repeats the Slide & Win feature, resulting in numerous extras like additional free spins, the bonus symbol which retriggers the entire event, and bonus “Potion Award” multipliers.

Another bonus is known as the new type of picking event, the “Mad Bat Bonus.” In this one, the player gets to choose a bat from the screen for several bonus credits, and that is when the Slide & Win frame gets activated and starts moving left and right. Plus, it adds multipliers to the awards once it starts moving across the reels.

The bonus feature and theme of this game flawlessly blend together. IT is known for trying different things that are daring, and this perfectly matches that. The people at IT believe that the Slide & Win feature will become common among many other future games that are released through IT.

Furthermore, the Slide & Win feature gets more enhanced, all thanks to the funniest clips from the show that pop up during big game events, whether it’s big wins, line wins, scatter wins, and so on, making the player happier.

The Munsters Family Portrait showcases its special bits and characters from the show, which makes it more special. This theme works splendidly because of how popular this show was, how people are attracted to its theme, and the demographic of the show when it was popular. This is a theme that ultimately transcends several generations.

Make sure to search for the Munsters slots when you visit. During its press time, it was located in ten casinos all across the Midwest, California, and Florida. However, it will soon be with all of the fourteen IT’s licensed jurisdictions, which also includes Nevada.

IT is excited for this game to come out, since this one is quite different from the ones that are already on that floor. Everyone has high hopes for this particular game.

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