Can Dice Control Shooting Be Proven in Craps Table?

Dice Control

Are you someone who wants to learn how does dice control works? Do you want to test the notion that precision shooters can gain an upper edge in the craps table? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down to read more.

It is as complicated as online 4D betting.

If you are wondering whether someone can dice control in a way that the odds of the craps table give you an upper edge in the house, the answer to this question is yes.

What is the concept behind dice control?

Controlled dice shooting is also known as precision shooting or professional dice roller. It is one of the most controversial games in the casino.

Can a setting dice in a craps table game with a throwing technique be changed?

If we talk about the modern casino techniques, this is one of the practices that was introduced. The legendary Captain did it from Atlantic City. He believed that certain shooters were called professional dice rollers or rhythmic rollers. It was during the 80s that he had developed a concept of controlled dice shooting.

During the controlled dice shooting practice, he was more interested in the set of dice that was presented in a certain way. If you simply set the dice, it will not be called dice control.

According to an SEO casino agency in Malaysia, the dice should be gripped in a certain way and then thrown with the help of a soft arc with a backspin. The legendary captain from Atlantic City felt that the shooters changed the odds of the game. It is due to the players getting favour on certain bets when playing the dice game. This is what is classified as the advantage of a player. It is quite similar to the card counters that are found on the blackjack tables. This possesses an advantage over the house in the casino.

Dice control tips

Here is a list of the dice control tips that you can make the most of:

There are many traditional gamblers, writers and casino executives out there who claim that there is no such thing as a controlled shooter or a rhythmic roller. If we talk about the Golden Touch shooters of the Golden Touch Craps, some floor people in the casino will make it a point to tell the shooters that the dice control does not work as well. If you do not follow any tips, chances are that you might never win the game.

This might come across as a strange statement to quite a lot of people. It is because you might never hear the casino personnel on such things that there will be random rollers that could be thrown, winged or just flung the dice down the game table. It means that the random rollers do not have an upper edge over the house in a casino.

Why does the casino not tell the shooters that it will not work in their favour?

If the shooter has an SSR over 1:6, the players can be sure about having control over the game and the random rollers. The SSR should be better to have good control over the dice game. The shooters can throw 10,000 to 20,000 rollers so that they can keep changing the nature of the game. The thing about these elite shooters is that they have regulation crap tables in the house that they can easily practice on.

What kind of SRR would be needed to have an upper edge?

Therefore, for instance, if the SRR is 1:6, the player can overcome the house with an upper edge on certain bets on the craps table. If the shooter does not have an axis control, they must use the hard way set. It will show the hard way of the dice control. This is what it will be showing, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 and 5:5, with the 1 and 6 being on the left and right sides, respectively of the craps table.

What is the second way of proving that you have dice control shooting?

If you want to use a secondary way to show that you have dice control, it can be done through a Smart Craps test. Smart Craps is a software program that helps in analysing the throw of the dice to determine if the shooter has axis control or not. The SRR in itself does not measure the axis control. Yes, you read that correctly. It means that you do not need to have axis control to have an upper edge in the game.

What happens with axis control during the dice control shooting?

With the help of an axis control, as a player in the casino, you are aiming to shoot at certain numbers. For instance, the use of the 3V dice control set can be used to hit the sixes and the eights on the craps table. As a shooter, you could also have an SRR of 1:6. In case this shooter hits an inordinate number percentage in the dice control game, the player will still have control over the entire game.

The passing of both of the craps tests is done through a flat layout test through verification. It means that a shooter cannot change the game that they are playing in the casino. You cannot fool yourself into believing otherwise, no matter how good you are at this game. You need to keep the focus on the SRR entirely and see what it is showing you. Check for the software program through the Smart Craps test.

In case you are a Golden Touch student, you can easily do the testing yourself. Just keep one thing in mind that there is no way that you can fool the SRR, no matter how good you are or how much time you have spent inside a casino. Dice control is one thing that is controlled by the players who are passing it.

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