Enjoy And Get Entertained With AGS’ Orion Constellation

Players get to enjoy new game features thanks to AGS and its Orion family.

Slot supplier AGS for Orion Constellation already had numerous fans of their games when the company came out with a newer core slot cabinet named ICON. However, the fanbase of AGS greatly increased after the company revealed their brand new Orion family of slot machines.

In the middle of 2020, the Orion slot machines were available in five different versions on casino floors, which also included the Orion Portrait, dual-screen Orion Upright, the Orion Slant, the curved Orion 49C, and the dual-screen tower Orion Rise. However, their first Orion slot machine, the Orion Portrait, took AGS to new heights and made them the ultimate slot machine manufacturer.

Orion Constellation

It is hard to miss the bright and vibrant design of this machine. It comes with a 43-inch vertical monitor that is surrounded by different panels of brightly coloured LCD lights. Plus, there are almost 500 game-controlled, colourful LED lights on the panels that are adjoining the machines. In fact, these games appear to resemble an animated and colourful wall design.

According to the senior director, Mark DeDeaux, who is the senior director responsible for the slot products at AGS, the Orion Portrait offered their game developers a massive canvas they could paint on. Thanks to portrait cabinets, game designers have the opportunity to think outside the box when t comes to the graphics and the animations. They have a large landscape they can work with, hence the players will have a memorable experience with more core-game animations and graphics.

Furthermore, AGS launched their interactive display product named Starwall at a recent industry trade show called the Global Gaming Expo. This product was created to further enhance this effect. Starwall ended up winning an industry award at the show for slot products. It is known as a massive backdrop for numerous games within the Orion Portrait cabinet. This seamless LED video display comes with a measurement of 8.5 feet in both width and height. It surrounds the Orion Portrait cabinets using a bright light show that features the game’s graphics on the bank. Also, the system is customizable so that it can display graphics that are in sync with game events.

There are six games that utilize this display, which includes three on every side of the machine. It is hard to miss this one on the slot floor.

However, this was all possible because of the revolutionary Orion Portrait, including the games that were created to take complete advantage of the first AGS premium or the ‘core plus’ slot cabinet. The senior director of AGS further stated that this was the first portrait-style game by AGS, and they used several R&D resources within this family of games. They have about 31 exclusive titles out in the field that can be found in different casinos all over the country. These titles were the ones from AGS that gained a lot of popularity. Some of these titles are listed below.

Rakin’ Bacon!

This game comes in the PowerXStream ways-to-win format. It features a golden pig that ‘explodes’ and offers the players a chance of volatility in free spins, depending on expanding reels. This includes changes from 15 spins with 243 ways to win up to five spins with 3,125 opportunities to win.

Fu Nan Fu Nu

This game from AGS is highly popular among the players. It features firecrackers that explode and add wilds, including a chance to play a jackpot sequence.

River Dragons

This game is crafted with a beautiful Asian theme that features red and white dragons. It comes with up to 128 free spins, including a ‘reel surge’ which transfers the middle reels all the way to the eighth row.

Hearts & Horns

This multi-progressive game comes with a free spin bonus, which leads to top progressives that are connected with the main game’s characters – a cartoon devil and a cupid-like angel.

All of these games continue to be the favourites of the players. All of these games come with multi-level progressives. AGS knows that the players who come across their games love the multi-level progressives plus the ultimate chance to win. Many of these games come with very robust free-game features, and a couple of these are the pick features, which allow the player to choose their volatility. By doing this, the player feels more empowered.

What’s Coming Soon!

According to Mark DeDeaux, their new upcoming titles will include better features with innovative, rich elements. A couple of the games will have expanding reels, which will be a mystery feature within the base game, similar to Trident’s Fortune and Roaring Fortune. This is known as a nice mystery award that comes with expanding reels, which offer better opportunities for bigger pay.

All this is just part of the Orion family and the evolution it is going through. There are numerous more innovations to look forward to when it comes to the games that will be launched using the Starwall display. AGS believe that the games they will launch using the Starwall display will include remarkable new features that the players will surely love. Mark DeDeaux gave credits to their ever-expanding group of game studios that are working towards games that will be part of the Orion lineup.

When talking about the highlights of what’s to come in the Orion family, AGS mentioned the Golden Wins Deluxe and the Jade Wins Deluxe series. These are another set of games that offer a free-spin bonus, including a choice of volatility. It starts from 15 games with 243 different ways to win up to 3 free games with 7,776 different ways a player can win. Players get to pick from a really nice range when it comes to this game. They get to fit their selection regarding what they are looking to play as a bonus round. Thus, the players feel more empowered throughout all the gameplay.

Furthermore, this game completely utilizes the Orion Portrait Display. The wheel within the game fully takes up the entire space when it comes to the portrait display. Through the display, the wheel is represented in its entirety, plus the great animations add more to the overall feel of the game.

When talking about another game called Tiger Lord, Mark DeDeaux stated that this game was highly well-received at the G2E trade show. This game comes with a hold-and-spin feature. According to him, this feature is greatly becoming popular in whatever game it is used in. AGS placed an interesting twist in their hold-and-spin feature within the Tiger Lord game. When an individual plays the hold-and-spin feature, they have a chance of getting an instant win, which could wrap all of their credits and then award them with an instant prize with their total credit amount. After that, it continues to add on to the overall bonus pay and it doesn’t stop until the final end of the feature. Moreover, the hold-and-spin feature in this game also includes multipliers. Throughout the hold-and-spin feature, a player will come across multipliers that can multiply all of their awards. Plus, these multipliers can also multiply on top of one another; this occurs when they are awarded several times within the bonus round.

Additionally, other new games that are part of the Orion Portrait consist of multiple progressive jackpots where lower-level jackpots are seen scaling with the bet level. This is another empowering feature that the players will surely love. For example, the game Bao Bai Fortunes allows the players to chase bigger awards when they are going through a winning streak, or if the player is looking to play with a bigger overall budget.

In conclusion, the Orion family is expanding and evolving based on the preferences of the players. However, the centre of it all still consists of the game designer’s canvas known as the Orion Portrait.

There is a lot more to come! Stay tuned.

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