Hold ‘Em, Spin ‘Em, And Win ‘Em! The Launch of Ultra Hot Mega Link!

ULTRA HOT MEGA LINK – Scientific Games launches one of its highly popular hold-and-spin games once again.

Ultra Hot Mega Link

Slot players greatly enjoy games that come with a ‘hold-and-spin’ or ‘lock-and-spin’ theme, according to a couple of slot manufacturers. No matter what the name may be, there is no doubt that this is the hottest game-play feature right now within the slot industry.

When it comes to explaining how hold-and-spin game-play mechanics work, the player is required to chase a goal by collecting numerous symbols, which is possible to achieve within a certain number of spins. The player will win a great award when they collect a large number of symbols. Initially, this style of gameplay began with a massive hit from one of the manufacturers, however, it started to spread more and more as numerous players enjoyed this gaming style and started demanding more. Nowadays, you can find the hold-and-spin game style pretty much everywhere and every major slot machine maker has jumped on this bandwagon.

Popular slot supplier, Scientific Games’ director of game development, Kimberly Cohn mentioned that the popularity of the hold-and-spin game is due to the high chances of the player winning. This has been the ultimate key to success for a lot of these games. The player can clearly see what they will be winning and it is right there at the player’s fingertips.

For many years in the past, one of the highly popular games launched by Scientific Games was Ultimate Fire Link, which has been the main centre of what hold-and-spin style games are all about. One of the main features within this game series consisted of fireballs that generate credit amounts or progressives.

When the player lands 4 fireballs on their game’s screen, it ends up triggering the main feature. Then the 4 fireballs, including their progressives or awards, will stay in place for 3 free spins. If additional fireballs land during those free spins, then they will also stay in place, which will result in the remaining free spins going back to 3. This process continues to repeat until there are 3 spins with no visible fireballs left. After that, the player will get a bonus award that gathers all awards on all of the locked fireballs.

The Ultimate Fire Link slot machine game has been a massive success for Scientific Games, and they were able to launch ten titles within the series in total. According to the company’s director of game development, the Ultimate Fire Link has been hugely successful for them, hence they decided to launch the game on a new platform with upgrades while integrating a little twist to its mechanics. Thus, Ultra Hot Mega Link was born! It comes with slightly different features, where extra Ultra Hot fireballs appear to add credits to the other fireballs.

Adding More Spice To The Feature

Adding the different features greatly improved the game by making it a lot more lucrative. Once an Ultra Hot fireball lands on the player’s screen during the feature, it then randomly ends up adding credits to 2 to 5 fireballs that are already locked in place. This also includes the 4 progressive jackpots. When a player already has a progressive prize locked in, then the Ultra Hot fireball will add the amount gained by the Mini jackpot directly to the prize. Thus, this makes the Ultra Hot modifiers a lot more exciting. In addition to adding credits to the fireballs a player already has; they also end up adding Mini jackpots to a different jackpot, hence adding it all up.

This feature further spices up the game, which is already quite popular among the players. Scientific Games was extremely careful while upgrading the game. They wanted to keep the features of Ultimate Fire Link that the players already loved, such as the four-symbol trigger used for the feature, the vertical playing field on the monitor that’s in the portrait style, and so on.

The manufacturers wanted to fully utilize the vertical space in order to make the playing field bigger. The players seem to love that quite a lot, hence they kept those features within the game once they upgraded it. With that also came the enhanced hold-and-spin feature, which was still used to win multiple jackpots among the four main progressive jackpots in just one big shot. When it comes to the penny version, the progressives reset is at $15, which is known as the Mini jackpot; $50 is known as the Minor jackpot; $500 is known as the Major jackpot, and the top Mega jackpot is $10,000. The chance of landing on the Mega jackpot becomes a lot more favourable. It gets larger with larger denominations, where the ultimate prize is one million credits times the denomination. When compared together, a massive wide-area progressive jackpot can hit anywhere from fifty million to a hundred million spins, making it a very frequent 5-figure prize.

Furthermore, the program math is similar to the original when it comes to the base game. This game comes with a 5-reel video slot consisting of 4 symbols on each reel and it’s available with ten, twenty, or fifty paylines. The casinos have the chance to choose from different denomination groups that range from low denominations of a penny, two cents, five cents, and ten cents to that of a top combination of ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, and hundred dollar denominations. This means that this game can appear in the high-end slot parlour plus on the main floor as well.

In the future, Scientific Games is already planning on releasing 2 inaugural games within this series – the Ultra Hot Mega Link India and the Ultra Hot Mega Link Amazon. However, the company predicts that there will be several more sequels of this game. Some of the first versions of this game are on Scientific Games’ TwinStar J43 curved-monitor cabinet, however, the company believes that this game can easily be presented on many other portrait-style cabinets that they currently own.

The Scientific Games company has numerous innovative ideas when it comes to upgrading the original Ultimate Fire Link game mechanic. As long as the players enjoy playing the upgraded versions of the game, in addition to the original one, the company will keep making more.

Different Slot Types

  • Ten-line, twenty-line, or fifty-line video slot
  • Five-reel
  • Four-level progressive jackpot
  • Hold-and-spin free-game bonus feature
  • Multi-denomination setups starting from a penny up to $100

The Payback % Range

An estimated 87% to 90%

The Average Hit Frequency


The Top Jackpot

Progressive. It resets at one million credits times denomination.

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