How To Play Pick ‘Em Poker

Are you someone who wants to play pick em poker? Do you want to know more about this non-conventional video poker game? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down to read more.

This is a non-conventional video poker game that comes with a list of positive characteristics. If you are someone who goes to the casino often, chances are that you might have noticed the free pick em poker game from afar. To some, it might look somewhat like the regular Jacks or Better game. However, it is not all the same and can certainly be better if played correctly, knowing the tricks of the game.

How to play pickempoker?

Pick em poker was first introduced by Bally. It was called pick em poker for the longest time. However, IGT has now introduced a similar game but with a different name: Pick a Pair Poker.

What are the positive characteristics of pick em poker?

Here is a list of the positive characteristics of playing pick em poker:

  1. The playing strategy of this game is quite intuitive
  2. The game is easy to master than Jacks or Better
  3. The Expected Return (ER) is higher than that of Jacks or Better
  4. The game has a low volatility rate as compared to other video poker games
  5. The payoffs start at 2 for 1 for a pair of 9s
  6. The royal flush pays 6,000 coins instead of just 4,000 coins

Pick em poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. The standard deck. Once you make a bet, your computer will straight-up deal out 8 cards. There will be 2 exposed cards on the left side of the video display screen along with 2 stacks on the right side of the same screen. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that only the top card of each stack will be exposed to you. You will not get a chance to see the other 2 cards under the stack. The two exposed cards must be kept on the left side of the computer screen. It is up to you to decide which one of the stacks you want to keep, based on the exposed cards. Once you have chosen the stack, your computer will expose the 2 cards under the stack you had picked. This way, you will get a five-card poker hand that already consists of the 2 exposed cards on the left side of your screen. You will get paid according to the final five-card poker hand card that you have. It means that you have to either choose A or B stacks on your screens.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you are playing pick em poker, you are comparing one set of card stacks with the other one. It is because you are constantly deciding which one you choose to keep and which one you do not.

Here are a few examples to help you better understand the game:

5 9     9 3

The two exposed cards on this particular combination that must be kept are the 5 spades and the 9 hearts. You can either choose 3 stacks of cards that contain the 9 diamonds which have already been exposed. For instance, you get to keep the 5♠-9♥-9♦ or you can simply choose the other stack that has the 3 clubs i.e., 5♠-9♥-3♣ in the stack.

You will have to choose the stack with the exposed 9 that will give a minimum winning pair of the 9s. It will entirely depend on what the 2 cards are under the 9. You can end up with 3 or 4 nines. There could be either a pair or a full house of the 9s as well.

A 9     6 J

In this example, the two exposed cards that you should keep are the ace of the 9 diamonds. You can either choose the 6 or the Jack of diamonds. In both cases, you will have a 3-card flush. One thing that you need to keep in mind is to hold the Jack since that maximizes the number of cards that you get in your hand. There is a high chance that the 2 cards under the Jack of diamonds will give you a flush or a pair of Aces or Jacks.

What is the full pay for pick em poker?

Here is the full pay paytable for pick em poker:

It is played with a maximum of five coins at once. Yes, you read that correctly. You need to bet on five coins at least to get the maximum return. The ER at this point is the highest at 99.95%. You need to understand that you cannot possibly replace the 2 cards from the stack on the left side of your computer screen. It means that it becomes quite difficult for you to choose the stack of cards on the right side of the screen of your computer. This is one of the major reasons why you get paid for the 2 for 1 for the low-ranked pair of 9s. It makes the chance of hitting a royal flush once in every 351,818 hands during the game.

Table 1: Full Pay Pick ‘em Pay Table (Max Coins Wagered)

Royal Flush                            6,000

Straight flush                       1,199

Four-of-Kind                             600

Full house                                   90

Flush                                               75

Straight                                         55

Three-of-a-kind                                     25

Two pair                                                    15

Pair of 9’s or Better                          10

Disclaimer: You might find the lower-paying tables in the pick em poker at a lower ER. You should check out the different pay tables for the pick em poker and the ER on reliable websites. You can easily click on “Find the Best Pick em Poker” and get on with your search. You will come across many websites. Just make sure you choose the most reliable one to get started.

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