Loose Slot Machine Myths

Are you someone who wants to know how loose slot machines work? Do you want to find out how to tell if a slot machine is loose? If you said yes to both these questions then keep scrolling down to read more.

Loose slot machine

What is a loose slot machine?

A loose slot machine can be easily found on the casino floor amongst the many gambling options. For some players, finding a loose slot machine in the casino remains a distant dream. One major reason for this is that the loose slot machine can be relatively found at the location of the casino.

So, for instance, if a player is using a loose slot machine in a casino in Las Vegas, you would be getting 98% payback and would not even consider the same when playing on the same card while in Los Angeles. There the payback would be 94% on the loose slot machine. It is quite different for someone in Atlantic City though. The average slot return over there is 91% on the same loose slot machine.

What is payback?

If you want to get a hang of playing on the loose slot machine, it is important that you first understand what payback is. The loose slot machine will be returning the overall percentage to the players throughout their lifetime.

In a loose slot machine, a higher percentage will be paid. Yes, you read that correctly. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will only be paid for the slots that you are using during your visits to the casino. It will not work out in the future.

What are some of the myths about loose slot machines?

In the past few years, there has been a lot of speculation as to where the loose slot machines are located. Many myths have been circulating amongst the loose slot machine players on the casino floor.

Here is a list of myths about loose slot machines that have been circulating:

  1. The loose slot machine is surrounded by a tight machine

The reason behind this myth is that a player can play on more than one loose slot machine. If a tight machine surrounds the loose slot machine, a player will give back whatever they have won back from that loose slot machine.

  1. The loose slot machine is placed at the entrance

The reason behind this myth is that people will see the different players winning that will entice more players to come forward and play inside the casino.

The main reason behind this myth is that if you go back in time when the casinos of Las Vegas had been operating, you would be reminded of a time when people would walk inside a casino after seeing other players. New mega resorts of the casino have had multiple entrances due to the same myth about casinos.

  1. Loose slot machines placed near the table games are tight

According to this myth, the noise of the loose slot machines will distract the other table game players. It means that the table game players will be tempted to try out what the loose slot machine is all about, enticing them to play the coins and they might even leave their tables for the same reason.

  1. Slot machines near the end of the row are loose

If other players see others win big with the loose slot machines, they will most certainly want to try out to play and see what the slot machines are all about.

  1. Loose slot machines near the showroom and buffet are tight

The reason behind this myth is that the players who are waiting in line near the showroom and buffet are a captive audience. If they are looking to kill time, they might get a few coins and get to playing on the loose slot machines.

  1. Slot machines near the casino cage are loose

As per this myth, the casino wants other people to see more players win playing on the loose slot machines while they are waiting near the casino café.

  1. The round carousel of a slot machine is looser than that of a row of machines

The reason behind this myth is that round carousels can be seen from anywhere in the casino. The casino wants to strategically place the loose slot machines where many people can see them all at once.

How can you think like the casino?

If we think about the above-mentioned myths, there is one thing that is quite evident which is that no two casinos are the same. Each casino has a VP of a loose slot machine to make the ultimate decision about the placement of the machine near the casino. You must think like a casino executive to win big.

Where should the loose slot machines be placed?

No matter how many myths you hear about the loose slot machines, it is still important that you make the decisions like a casino executive. All the myths about the placement of loose slot machines can be debunked if you make decisions like a casino executive. So, to say that placing the loose slot machines near the aisle would be a strategic decision. You could also place it further down the row if you want people to come more often to the casino to play on the loose slot machines. You could also do the reverse psychology trick with the player coming to the casino. Placing the slot machines far so that people want to come forward.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that either you should be playing an exorbitant amount of loose slots all at once or your chances of identifying a real slot would become quite slim in the casino. It means that you could just get lucky when playing on a loose slot machine in the casino.

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