What to Wear to a Casino: Your Ultimate Guide to Casino Dress Code


When you see players in land-based casinos in movies and TV shows, everyone is styled to perfection, wearing expensive suits or glam dresses.

But, this is not the norm when you enter a land-based casino. The dress codes of casinos have become laxer through the years. It may be hard to decide what to wear to a casino.

Do you have to dress yourself up or look more casual? In case you are confused when it comes to wearing the right clothes, we got you covered in this ultimate guide on how to dress for a casino.

Basic Casino Styling Rules

Typically, it’s always a great idea to enter the websites of the casinos if you intend to go to their physical premises. Casino dress codes vary from one premise to another. It depends on the style of the casino itself and what you plan to do there.

However, there are some rules of thumb to follow in what to wear ideally. These will help prepare you and make you hit the spot wherever you are. Some casinos may have a more formal dress code and we’ll talk about these later but these “rules” will save you from committing any styling errors. So here we go:

  • Never wear beach sandals or flip flops.
  • Don’t wear sneakers.
  • Don’t wear an old, faded or dirty clothing.
  • During the day, casinos have typically a more casual dress code than nighttime. But when the night sets in, avoid wearing any jeans, shorts and t-shirts. If you are a man, it’s best to go for a collated or buttoned-down shirt for males, and blouses or shirts if you are a woman.
  • If you wish to enter the casino bars and nightclubs, these may have a different style code (usually formal) and so you have to check it first before you stand and wait in the line.
  • The more prestigious and glam a casino is, the fancier you should dress.

Various Dress Codes & What They Mean

When visiting a casino’s website, there is usually a section with the dress code of that casino, the lounge, leagues and special tables. The dress codes usually range from “business casual” to “optional black tie” and in-between.

Here is the attire you should wear based on the required dress code:

White Tie

The white tie is probably the most formal accessory for a man. It’s like a James Bond film casino or an evening dress/gown. But, this is not so usual for casinos nowadays. This totally formal dress code applies only to casinos that host VIP or special events.

For males:

  • Get a fitted black coat with tails and pants with a satin or velour stripe.
  • Go for a white tuxedo shirt with a stiff and bib exterior.
  • Wing-collars are ideal when it comes to shirts.
  • Wear shirt studs and cuff connectors.
  • Choose a white bow tie and a white vest.
  • For shoes, go for shiny leather shoes in black or dark colour.

For females:

  • Wear elegant jewelry.
  • Go for evening dresses and gown that are floor-length.
  • Fine jewelery is ideal.
  • You may optimally accessorize with fur wraps and white gloves.

Styling A Black Tie

A black-tie comes right after the white tie in terms of formality. Men wear it more often than the white one but it’s still not common in casinos nowadays. The black-tie dress code may apply only in evening events that start after 18:00 or VIP lounge and other special events.

For males:

  • Go for an evening jacket with no tails and matching pants. Dark colors like black, grey and navy blue are usually approved.
  • Add some contrast with a white (usually) button-down shirt.
  • Wear a tie of black bow tie.
  • Match your tie and jacket with black formal shoes and socks.
  • Wearing a waistcoat is optional.

For females:

  • Go for floor-length evening dresses and gowns. Elegant and glam cocktail dresses are also suitable.
  • Elegant jumpsuits are also another option.
  • Wear glam evening heels e.g silver, gold.
  • Stick with classic lines and patterns that are not very trendy.
  • Go for dark and deep hues.
  • Wear fine, elegant and not too flashy accessories.

Black Tie Not A Must/Optional

When it gets to the “Black Tie Optional” style code, this means that you can tone down the formality of your style a bit with or without wearing a black tie. If you don’t have a suit or tuxedo, it’s ok to wear a button-down shirt in a solid colour with pants, a tie and formal shoes. In the guidelines for this style code, we’ll briefly mention all the aspects that make Black Tie Optional different from the Black Tie.

For males:

  • A bigger range of dark-colored suits besides black and white is ok.
  • You can also wear a white shirt with a tie but wearing no dark jacket or vest is acceptable.

For females:

  • The style requirements are slightly different here than the Black Tie dress code. It is perfectly fine to wear cocktail dresses as long as the hemline doesn’t fall too short.
  • Go for deep or neutral colors without any fancy patterns such as burgundy, navy blue, gray, metallic shades, black and white.

Semiformal Code

The semi-formal dressing code is a tad more simple than the Black Tie optional style. It typically applies to special events that take place during the daytime and it’s typically less formal. But, it’s still not the norm when it comes to the daily dress code required by most casinos.

For males:

  • Instead of a tuxedo, go for a less formal suit like the one made out of wool and cashmere.
  • Tie is only optional.
  • Wear pants–jeans and camo pants are not suitable.
  • Pick a button-down or collared shirt as t-shirts and polos are very casual.

For females:

  • Go for cocktail dresses and shorter yet glam dresses. The little black dress is good in this case.
  • Wear an fine and long skirt with a classy blouse or other items.
  • You can wear a broad range of semi-formal shoes such as heels, glam sandals or business flats.
  • Go for lighter hues during daytime and darker/deeper hues during evening.

Business Formal Dress Code

A business formal dress code refers to the type of attire you would wear if you worked in an office, especially in a big and reputable company. You don’t have to be very fancy like the previous formal dress codes but you still have to look polished. The good thing about this dress code is that it’s comfortable and versatile from day to evening time.

For males:

  • For males, business formal and semi-formal style code is no different.
  • Wear dark suits with button-down shirts in light colors.
  • Wearing ties and bow ties is not necessary.
  • Leather shoes are a great option.

For females:

  • Blouses with pencil skirts in modest length and stockings or hose pants are a good option.
  • Jackets and suit blazers are also nice if the weather is cold.
  • Go for fine and minimalist jewelry.
  • Wear slacks that are not too tight.

Business Casual Dress Code

Business casual is the most common dress code nowadays for working people. It’s how most of us dress in small office jobs during daytime or vacation parties. In this case, you want to look nice and neat but not too fancy. This is another great option on what to wear to a casino during a typical day.

For males:

  • Wear khakis or slacks.
  • Wear a blazer or sports coat.
  • Loafers are good options.
  • Polo, collared and buttoned-down shirts are all great choices.
  • Wearing a tie is not necessary.
  • A blazer or sportcoat is perfectly fine.

For females:

  • Pants, skirts and nude hues are fine.
  • You don’t have to wear any stockings or hose pants.
  • Sweares, collared shirts and blouses are good options.
  • You don’t have to wear cleavage or exposing clothing.
  • You should ideally cover your shoulders with jackets or sweaters.

Casual dress code

This is finally the laxest and lowest level of dress code for casinos. Casual clothes refer to the ones you wear every day as long as they are in good condition. It doesn’t mean that you can wear your outworn and damaged clothes–you still have to look nice. Think of the casual wear you would wear on a daytime date or when you hit the shops.

For males:

  • You don’t have to wear suits and/or ties.
  • You can wear a wide range of colors.
  • You can wear t-shirts and jeans.
  • Shorts are acceptable only during daytime.

For females:

  • You can wear sun dresses, nudes, shirts and jeans.
  • You may wear plain t-shirts, sweaters and casual blouses.
  • You can wear shorts online during day time.

*some casinos have a strict “no t-shirts” dress rule but others would allow any type of casual attire

Famous Casinos & Their Dressing Codes

If you have planned to visit one of these famous casinos, check out these tips for suitable attire. These will serve as a guide on what to wear to that casino so you can be accepted and not rejected during the entrance.

Monte Carlo Casino

Despite its name as a high-end casino, the whole dress code for this casino sums up to no flip-flops and shorts. But, if you intend to enter more VIP and special rooms, you have to adhere to a fancier dress code. In these lounges and rooms, it’s best to wear a business formal dress code. For males, wearing a shirt, jacket and tie in the evening with dress shoes or loafers would be appropriate. For females, a nice classy blouse with pants or a skirt or a dress would work. If it’s nighttime, you are expected to wear a tie and a coat if you are a male.

Venetian Macao Dress Code

The Venetian Macao is the biggest casino in the world. They have a strict dress code that rejects sunglasses, hats and shorts even during the day. No sneakers or flip-flops are also acceptable.

If you plan on visiting the Venetian Macao casino, refer to the business casual guidelines above. You can wear nudes, khakis, and polo shirts if you wish during the day. After 8 p.m, it’s best to wear something a tad more formal like a shirt or dark pants. Women can also follow the same rules but they are free to wear elegant dresses and skirts of modest length.

Casino Baden-Baden Dress Code

There is no uniform casino dressing code here as it depends on what games you intend on playing.

If you wish to try your luck in classic table games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker, you are expected to wear a jacket or coat and tie. Women should also dress nicely but not too glam or fancy. Something between Business Formal And Black Tie Optional. Ties are necessary for men but you are free to wear some colour if you wish. Women can wear skirts, dresses, or suits with evening heels or shoes.

In case you don’t have a jacket and tie with you, it’s possible to rent one from the casino shop.

Borgata Casino In Atlantic City

Unlike other casinos, the Borgata Casino does not impose any tough dress codes on its visitors but nice clothing is generally appreciated. Some casino parts e.g bars and restaurants have a stricter dress code with no sneakers or jeans allowed.

If you follow the same casino rule on the casino ground floor as well, you will fit in and be treated better. The dress code for the Borgata casino is something between business formal and business casual. So that means skirts of modest length, slacks, blouses, loafers and heels for females.

If you can’t follow these dress codes, it’s best to visit the casino during the daytime where the dress code is less formal and strict.


The attire you have to wear in a casino varies according to the casino you are entering, whether it’s daytime or nighttime, and also the kind of experience you wish to get.

Generally, if you plan to enter VIP rooms or special events, you are expected to meet the guidelines of a more formal dress code. In all other cases, casinos generally let visitors wear any type of casual wear as long as it doesn’t look old, damaged or outworn. Flip-flops are also a no-no for many casinos.

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